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Simone Clarke-Cooper steps out into entrepreneurship with SimSpeak Communication

Simone Clarke-Cooper steps out into entrepreneurship with SimSpeak Communication

Broadcaster and communication specialist, Simone Clarke-Cooper is making the transition from working full-time in corporate Jamaica, to her new role as chief executive officer of her own company, SimSpeak Communication Services Limited.

SimSpeak will offer the full gamut of communication services from the range of industries in which Clarke-Cooper has worked.

She has been a media practitioner for over 25 years, working in both television and radio, a voice and speech trainer since 1998, and has also built a solid corporate communication record over the last decade.

“It is with the support of my GraceKennedy (GK) family that I make this next step,” Clarke-Cooper said. She added, “As a matter of fact, and quite fittingly, GK will be the first company for which I provide corporate communication consultancy.”

In addition to corporate communication consultancy, SimSpeak will also provide voice and speech, public speaking, and media and broadcast training and coaching.

The third pillar of the company is production, which Clarke-Cooper has already moved into full speed, with the launch of her television show, Sim Soul Sessions, which premiered last week Monday night on Television Jamaica and airs every Monday night at 8:30 pm.

“SimSpeak’s mission is to empower businesses and individuals to unlock and maximize their full potential, becoming the very best version of themselves. I feel uniquely poised to be able to offer this unique value proposition, and I am very excited about what the future holds,” Clarke-Cooper said of her next chapter.

She continued, “A mentor of mine always encourages us to look for opportunities in times of crisis. The timing of this launch is not lost on me. There’s currently great tumult the world over, and Jamaica is no different. But we have also seen that now is the time to innovate and set yourself apart. This company has been registered for a while, but now is the right time to make this bold step of launching and going live.”

Clarke-Cooper started working with GraceKennedy in 2011, leaving in 2016 to take up the position of assistant vice president of communications at Supreme Ventures.

She returned to GK in January of last year. Her last day as a full-time employee with the organization was yesterday June 30, and she immediately transitioned into a consultative role with that organization.

“I am happy to still be able to contribute to GK’s success in a new way. I really value the relationship I have built with the company. I feel like I am stepping into my greater purpose by launching SimSpeak, and I look forward, with great optimism, to building the company into a strong, sought-after, and successful one,” she said.

Source: The Jamaica Observer


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