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Simone Clarke is a long-standing media and communication legend with over 25 years of experience. Her vast fan base, sensational personality, and soul-stirring acts have etched her name as one of the G.O.A.T.S. in the Caribbean. She’s the Regional Ambassador for PAHO, the voice for some of the most noted Executives in corporate Jamaica, and the Director of the Jamaica Mental Health Advocacy Network. 

Simone is best known for lending her energy, charm, positivity, and wit as a host on TVJ’s popular morning show, ‘Smile Jamaica’, as well as the SimSpeak-produced, ‘Sim Soul Sessions’.

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Let’s Dream Big Together

Explore what Simone can do for You

Let’s Dream Big Together

Explore what Simone can do for You

Emceeing, Facilitating and Moderating

With the gift of gab, gumption and amazing dexterity, Simone has been an ace emcee, moderator, and facilitator of umpteen formal and casual events. But don’t take our word for it. Ask her about satisfied clients.


Simone’s amassed wealth of knowledge and experience has equipped her to share openly with audiences of all ages. With vulnerability and authenticity as her hallmarks, Simone’s mission is to spread the message of hope and tenacity.


With a stellar fifteen years in radio and over 25 years in television, Simone has mastered being a voice-over talent. She adds warmth, and credibility to products, brands, and events, with a familiar voice audiences know and love.


Simone has built a solid reputation and a credible and authentic brand, which adds value to any venture or initiative. On top of that, she’s a content creator with a strong and engaging social media audience.

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