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Strategic Communication

From Thought to Finish

We evaluate your needs, conduct market research and carry out exactly what’s needed to strengthen communication with your audience. Leaving no stone unturned, our services unlock the potential for growth inside companies, groups, and individuals.

Corporate Events

We provide the most important benefit that an event organiser can give – peace of mind. Let us help you to stage a stunning event that eliminates the hassle and allows you to focus on what matters.

PR and Communication Consultancy

With our first-hand experience in media, corporate communication and Public Relations, SimSpeak Communication is positioned perfectly to deliver your story with potency and clarity to your internal and external audience.

Corporate Training

Secure an invaluable lesson in voice, speech, presentation, and delivery with media titan Simone Clarke. Become keenly familiar with the nuances of public speaking and gain the confidence to excel.


We do a superb job of having our work speak for itself. We’re adept at translating an idea into reality and are eager to fulfil your vision. Not set on a concept? No problem! Our creative team can ideate for you.

No other company is like SimSpeak Communication.

We offer all the tools to take your communication to the next level.

PR & Communication
  • PR Consultancy

  • Campaign Ideation

  • Speech Writing and Copywriting
  • Video, Radio, and
    Print Ads


  • Partnership with 
    Sim Soul Sessions


  • Corporate/ Company
    Youtube Series
  • Event Planning and Execution

  • Event Emcee and Moderating by Simone Clarke

  • Keynote Address by Simone Clarke
  • Training for Media Practitioners

  • Voice, Speech, and Presentation for Companies

  • Speech Coaching for Executives

You’re in good company.

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