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With over 25 years of media, broadcast and production experience, Simone has developed a strong brand which resonates with Jamaicans and diasporans the world over. As such, she has used her voice in different ways to add value.

Want to engage Simone directly? 
Here are some opportunities for partnerships!

Emceeing, Facilitating and Moderating

With the gift of gab, wit and amazing dexterity, Simone has masterfully served as emcee, moderator and facilitator of several formal and casual events, leaving a host of satisfied clients.

Voice Overs

Fifteen years in radio and over 25 years in television have allowed Simone to hone her skills as a voice over talent. She will add professionalism, warmth and credibility to your product, brand or event.

Sponsorship - SIM Soul Sessions

A refreshingly new, authentic, engaging and inspiring television programme, showcasing the strength of vulnerability and the power of the human spirit. Simone is both Host and Executive Producer. The programme has been a hit with local and international audiences and is the perfect partnership for the brand that wants to connect.


Simone has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience, which she has been sharing openly with audiences of all ages. With vulnerability and authenticity as her hallmarks, Simone is now making it her mission to spread the message of hope and perseverance.


Simone has built a solid reputation and a credible and authentic brand, which adds value to any venture  or initiative.